Problems of Mental Health State Program in Georgia



Psychiatric services, Mental health


Introduction: Georgia operates a “Mental Health State Program”. The number of the program beneficiaries increases each year, however, the amount of money allocated for the program does not change significantly. The research aims to study the existing problems in implementing the Mental Health State Program. Methodology: In the frame of qualitative research, managers of 10 inpatients and 7 outpatient Georgian psychiatric institutions were interviewed. Results, Discussion: The State funding for inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services is insufficient. The salary of medical personnel is also low. Providing a shelter for people with mental health problems is hard and unsatisfactory. There are problems with the outpatient delivery of these services, because the outpatient service (also community – based services) is not developed at the appropriate level. Conclusion, Recommendations: The financing system and service delivery needs considerable improvement to fit its real needs. It is necessary to increase the financing of the Mental Health State Program and elaborate effective mechanisms for funding, sheltering and other services. It is also important to ensure the development of this sector with highly qualified specialists and their adequate payment.


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