For Authors

To be published in the journal, authors should submit only new and previously unpublished scientific papers.

Authors should send the electronic version of the article to the following email address:

The journal’s editorial board will accept the articles submitted by the authors for review if the article meets the journal’s requirements. Also, the editorial board reserves the right to refuse to print the article and not to send it to the reviewer.

Articles accepted for publication in the editorial office are sent to the reviewer. The identity of the reviewers is anonymous. 

If the author does not agree with the comments of the reviewer, the article may be sent for additional review. The editorial board of the journal makes the final decision on the publication of the article.

The article is checked by an anti-plagiarism program.

Publication Charges

The submission, reviewing, editing and publication of articles in the „Health Policy, Economics and Sociology“ is free of charge.

The format of the article

The article should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. 

The text should be typed on A4 size paper;

Font: (Georgian – Sylfaen; English – Times New Roman);

Edge margin: top-bottom-left -2cm; Right- 2.5 cm

Font size for the entire paper (10.5); Spacing between lines (1); spacing between rows in tables (1.0);

Paper numbering – the paper is numbered from the introductory page consecutively with Arabic numerals in the same (text) font and size in the lower right corner of the page.

The title of the paper should be placed in the center, in bold letters, in font size 12,

The name and surname of the author (authors) is written in the left corner of the page, in bold letters, font size 11, it should be followed by the author’s (authors’) scientific degree, academic title and name of the university, e-mail, font size 11;

The abstract in Georgian includes an introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion, a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 250 words, which must be followed by a maximum 6 keywords, in italics, “keywords” in bold letters, separated from the text by 1 space, font size 11.

The journal is bilingual (Georgian and English). The article written in Georgian must be accompanied by an abstract in English of the same length (minimum 150 and maximum 250 words). The abstract in English includes the title of the paper, the name and surname of the author(s), scientific degree, academic title and name of the university, e-mail, font size 11; An article written in English does not require an abstract in Georgian.

Article font size 11, line spacing 1.15.

Illustrative material (images, tables, photos, diagrams, appendices) should be placed in the main text at the place of their reference, if there is not enough space, it can be on the next page. Must be submitted – in JPG or PNG format and must be referenced consistently in the text, e.g. Table 1; Table 2; or Chart 1, Chart 2, or Annex A, Annex B, etc.; Tables, graphs and charts should have a title and numbering:

Tables – the title is presented at the top of the table;

Diagrams – the title is presented below the diagram;

Appendices – should be placed on a new page after the literature used at the end of the paper.



The author is obliged to follow the citation style of the journal.

References are not numbered.

Each source, which is mentioned in the paper by the method of internal text citation, must be reported on the used literature page;

The used literature is arranged alphabetically (Georgian sources are indicated first, then foreign language sources and information about electronic publications).


Citation style

When citing literature within the text, the author’s last name, the year of publication are indicated in the text. e.g. (Verulava 2021).

When referring to several books published in the same year by the same author, alphabetical order is used, for example: Verulava 2021a; Verulava 2021b.

When verifying a book, the title is indicated in italics, in the case of an article, the name of the journal is indicated in italics.

You also indicate the sources in the bibliography at the end of the paper. This list usually includes each source cited in the text. Each unit mentioned in the bibliography should be presented in the following form:



A book with one author. Surname, Name. (year). title. Place of publication: publishing house.

Verulava, T. (2021). Primary health care system and its role in raising health capital. Tbilisi: Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation.

A book with two or three authors. Surname, first name of each author. (year). title. Place of publication: publishing house. When the publication has several authors, the authors are indicated in the list as follows: the first author – by last name and first name; The following authors – by name and surname.

Verulava, T., Zorbenadze, R. (2018). Healthcare system in the Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921). Tbilisi: Health and Insurance Center.

Verulava, T., Shengelia, K., Makharashvili, G. (2022). Challenges of distance learning in universities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tbilisi: Caucasus University.

A book with an editor. In the position of the author, the editor’s last name, first name (always specify the word – ed.), year, title, place of publication, publishing house.

Gaprindashvili, L. Ed. (2005). Gender, culture, modernity. Tbilisi: Union “Women’s Initiative for Equality”.

Book with author and editor. Last name, first name, year, title, editor’s name, last name, place of publication, publisher.

Rustaveli, sh. (1953). panther Edited by Pavle Ingoroqva and with notes. Tbilisi: Soviet writer.

The book is authored by the organization. Organization (indicate the author even if it is named as the publisher only), year, title, place of publication, publisher.

OECD/WHO. (2016). International Regulatory Co-operation and International Organisations: The Case of the World Health Organization (WHO). OECD and WHO.

Translated book. Last name, first name, year, title, translator’s name, last name, place of publication, publisher.

Tulchinsky, T., Varavikova, E. (2012). New Public Health, Translation Group. Tbilisi: Tbilisi State Medical University.

A chapter or other part of a book that has several authors. Last name, first name (only last name in the text), year, chapter (part) title, book title, editor, total number of chapter (part) pages, place of publication, publisher.

Verulava, T. (2016). “Basics of healthcare economics, financing models of the healthcare system, methods of reimbursement for medical services, peculiarities of economic and financial relations of medical organizations”, in the book Public Health and Management, eds: Gerzmava, O., 123-187. Tbilisi: Tbilisi State Medical University.



Article from a scientific journal. Last name, first name, year, title, journal name, volume (series) number, year, number of pages.

Verulava, T. (2017). Medical market: essence, specifics, incentives. Economics and Business 10 (4):73-90

Jorbenadze, A., Verulava T. (2021). The diagnosis-restricted group (DRG) method of hospital financing and the 1995 health care reforms. Economist 17(4): 31-41.

Verulava, T., Shengelia, K., Makharashvili G. (2021). Challenges of distance learning in universities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Economist, 13(1): 67-85.

An article from a popular/periodical journal. Last name, first name, year, article title. Journal name, volume (series) number, date, number of pages.

Verulava, T., Narozashvili, N. (2021). Telemedicine – the health care challenge of the 21st century. Forbes Georgia. 7(65): 28-31.

Material from the newspaper. Surname, first name, year, title, name of newspaper, number, date.

Verulava, T., Zorbenadze, A. (2022). The state is starting to introduce a new method of financing the hospital. Resonance, 6(254), 17 August.


Material from the Internet

E-book. Surname, first name, year, title, book, place of publication, publisher, URL address (if available, URL address containing DOI) or database name from which the book was retrieved (if such electronic resource does not have a URL address).

Gogoladze, L., Verulava, T., Kachkachishvili, I., Kontselidze, O. (2019). Primary health care challenges in Georgia on the example of Kharagauli and Chiaturi municipalities. European Union for Georgia.

Scientific journal article. Last name, first name, year, article title. Journal name, volume (series) number, pages, total volume, DOI or URL containing DOI, if not available, only URL or database name.

Verulava, T. (2022). Factors influencing medical students’ choice of family medicine. Family Medicine & Primary Care Review. 2022;24(1):66-70. doi:10.5114/fmpcr.2022.113017

Verulava, T., Jorbenadze, R. (2022). The impact of part-time employment on students’ health: A Georgian Case. Malta Medical Journal 34(1):50-57.

Popular/periodical journal articles. Last name, first name, year, article title. Journal name, volume (series) number, date, number of pages. A journal article of this type, if it is to be found online, must provide a URL address. In the absence of such an address – the name of the database.

Verulava, T. Is the social health insurance system coming back? Forbes Georgia. 3 (15), 15/07/2021: 12-16.

Website (in the context of the website). Website name, year, title of material, date of upload or retrieval, URL address.

Center for Social Justice. 2021. Inpatient Services in the Mental Health Program: Without State Oversight. Retrieved on 11.13.2022

Published materials of the conference/symposium. Surname, first name, year, title, conference/symposium name, total number of pages. Place of publication, publisher, URL address  (if the material is retrieved from electronic resources).

Verulava, T. (2019). Ways to solve the challenges of the health care system of Georgia. Proceedings of IV International Scientific Conference “Challenges of Globalization in Economy and Business”: 137-143. Tbilisi: Tbilisi State University Publishing House.

Thesis. Author (last name, first name), title, type of thesis, place of protection, year. URL address (if the material is retrieved from electronic resources).

Verulava, T. (1999) A Complex Evaluation of Medical Care Reimbursement Methods. Dissertation for obtaining the scientific degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, Tbilisi State Medical University

When citing any Internet source, include the date the source was last accessed. Enter the access date after the URL address or persistent identifier and enclose it in parentheses.

Eg: (16.08.2010)  (date of access 16 August 2010). (accessed August 16, 2010)




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