Academic Stress Among University Students


  • Tengiz Verulava Caucasus University
  • Keti Diasamidze Caucasus University
  • Tamta Sitchinava Caucasus University
  • Mariam Khubulava Caucasus University


Academic stress, employed students’ academic stress, study habits


University life is a major transition for undergraduate students. As a result, students are affected by different stressors related to academic success. Students, who experience academic stress, have bad study habits, poor time management, studying for exams and overload coursework. The aim of the study is to determine the effect of academic stress on bachelor student’s academic performance. Methodology: The study of student’s academic stress was carried out by quantitative method (online survey) and qualitative method (in-depth interview) among the bachelor students of Caucasus University. Results and discussion: The problem of academic stress is acute problem in students. The study clearly showed that academic stress is directly correlated with students' academic performance and have negative effects on their health. Especially, high academic stress indicators are observed in employed students. Conclusion: It is necessary to develop special methods and strategies to effectively deal with academic stress.

Author Biographies

Tengiz Verulava, Caucasus University

MD, PhD, Professor

Keti Diasamidze, Caucasus University

School of Humanities and Social sciences

Tamta Sitchinava, Caucasus University

School of Humanities and Social sciences

Mariam Khubulava, Caucasus University

School of Humanities and Social sciences



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Verulava, T. ., Diasamidze, K. ., Sitchinava, T. ., & Khubulava, M. (2020). Academic Stress Among University Students. Health Policy, Economics and Sociology, 4, 75–94. Retrieved from



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