The Impact of Tobacco Control Law on Adolescent Smoking


  • Mariam Mukeria Ilia State University
  • Beso Kiknadze Ilia State University
  • Tengiz Verulava Caucasus University


tobacco consumption, health, prevention


Tobacco consumption is one of the global problems that create serious health risks in any country around the world. In order to limit tobacco use, it has been prohibited, Since 2018, in public transport, indoor public and work places, and in several public open areas. The research aims to study the effectiveness of tobacco control legislation on tobacco consumption by students. Methodology: Focus group method has been used within qualitative research. Results: Respondents were informed about the negative health effects of tobacco and all the concerning legislative changes. The majority of respondents started smoking in their teenage years under the impact of smoking peers. While others -seeking new experiences and social sympathy during their bachelor studies. Part of the smoker respondents have repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to quit, while other part easily disposed of this harmful habit. The majority of the respondents who quit smoking said that the decision to do so was mostly an effect of the changes made in law. Smokers, non-smokers and exsmokers positively respond on the adopted law and are sure in its effectiveness. Although, in some cases, participants do not think that new legislations are connected to health improvement, moreover they believe that these changes even violate human rights. Conclusion: It is advisable to support the prevention of tobacco consumption. In this regard, law on tobacco control in Georgia is compliant; as it prohibits tobacco consumption and advertising in public areas, particularly in educational, medical and other institutions, and selling tobacco products near schools as well.

Author Biographies

Mariam Mukeria, Ilia State University

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Beso Kiknadze, Ilia State University

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Tengiz Verulava, Caucasus University

Doctor of Medicine, Professor



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Mukeria, M. ., Kiknadze, B., & Verulava, T. . (2020). The Impact of Tobacco Control Law on Adolescent Smoking . Health Policy, Economics and Sociology, 4, 57–65. Retrieved from



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